2015 TBR Pile Challenge

So last year’s TBR Challenge did not go so well. Oops. But I’m bound and determined to try again this year, and I think I may actually accomplish my goal this time. See, one of my other goals for the year is to read almost exclusively from my own bookshelves. I’ve allowed myself a little leeway […]

Staff Picks: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fiction

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fiction I have a deep love for narrative nonfiction, the kind of story that seems to leap off the pages in a way that makes you think “hey, this can’t be true.” Except that it is. While part of the appeal is learning about interesting parts of history that seem […]

It’s Tournament of Books Time!

It’s my very favorite time of year . . . Time for the Morning News Tournament of Books! The Tournament of Books (aka the ToB) is basically the literary version of March Madness, hosted every spring by The Morning News. This year is the tenth (!) anniversary of ToB, and it’s going to be fun. A […]

Staff Picks: Authors to Check Out if You Love John Green

If the whole law school/lawyer thing doesn’t work out, my other dream career is bookstore owner. As any of my close friends can tell you, I am a book pusher extraordinaire. When I love a book, I want the world to know because I just want everyone else to love it too. Luckily my friends […]

Books for Men

First, a note on the title. As one of my close guy friends told me: “If you’re writing for guys, just make it simple. Don’t cutesy it up, or make the title intricate and clever. ‘Books for Men’ – I’m a guy, I read, I’ll click on that.” Personally, I enjoy thinking of creative and […]