The Best of 2014, J-Mart Style

Alex kicked things off for our end-of-the-year roundup, and now it’s my turn to share a few of my favorite things of 2014. These are the things that rocked my world, wound up on repeat, and made a mark this year. BOOKS The Martian by Andy Weir: I LOVED this book. I didn’t expect to love it […]

Wingardium Leviosa.

On my eleventh birthday, I am pretty sure my parents gave me everything I wanted. I’m pretty sure my friends attended some awesome birthday party my mom slaved to put together. I am pretty sure my Dad took pictures and my grandparents smiled as I blew out eleven candles atop a birthday cake. When I […]

A love of books & book bloggers; happy birthday to a best friend.

We love books, most certainly. But our love of books stems from a love of each other. On her birthday, I’d like remind my best friend and fellow blogger, Ali, of our own story (which would make for one comical book). Happiest of Birthdays Ali! May you enjoy ALL the books and ALL the adventures […]

Blog Notes Poetry

 Blog Notes Poetry   Home Traveling Comfortable where you are Coffee shops, airport bars, strange apartments, places you’ve never been Places you grow up Comfortable in the moment Reading something worth your time Smelling coffee Quiet snow Surrounded by friends and family Wherever you go.  

Bookish Gift Guide – Ali’s Birthday and Valentine’s Edition

OK, my birthday is coming up, and even though I’ll be on a boat in the Bering Sea I can still window shop for my to-be belated self-birthday gift right?? Also apparently its Valentine’s day so yeah, here’s my suggestions for book-ish gifts that are not books for book lovers for my birthday … or […]

Dave Eggers, The Circle, and Online Anonymity

One of my favorite things is when my reading life converges with something that is going on in real life. I recently read Dave Eggers’s latest book and have found myself stumbling across the themes that run through The Circle all over the internet and my thoughts. First, a bit on the book itself. The […]

Field Trip: The Elliott Bay Book Company

Today I was wandering around Seattle with a friend/coworker. I mentioned that I really like reading (Because saying that you’re an obsessive bookworm with a dedicated blog just doesn’t register at the preferred level of the sanity scale.), and he said “Oh, I’ve got a place you should see then.” So we turn the corner, […]