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All You Need is Love

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Trio! Ali When we decided to do a Valentine’s post I instantly knew the book’s I wanted to review. When reading my favorites, I could fall into the story, pretend I was there, just as emotionally engaged as my main characters. I laughed, cried, and felt a small sample of […]

Bookish Gift Guide – Ali’s Birthday and Valentine’s Edition

OK, my birthday is coming up, and even though I’ll be on a boat in the Bering Sea I can still window shop for my to-be belated self-birthday gift right?? Also apparently its Valentine’s day so yeah, here’s my suggestions for book-ish gifts that are not books for book lovers for my birthday … or […]

Field Trip: The Elliott Bay Book Company

Today I was wandering around Seattle with a friend/coworker. I mentioned that I really like reading (Because saying that you’re an obsessive bookworm with a dedicated blog just doesn’t register at the preferred level of the sanity scale.), and he said “Oh, I’ve got a place you should see then.” So we turn the corner, […]

Critique: When She Woke

Last month I read When She Woke by Hillary Jordan. I haven’t had much time to read but my dad came down with food poisoning, and all my plans were canceled to babysit him. So I finished it. FYI: I love binge reading like couch potatoes love binge watching Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones. It was a […]

BoTM: Eleanor & Park

Welcome back to the blog for our December Book of the Month review! This month, we read Eleanor & Park by the amazing Rainbow Rowell. This book has gotten rave reviews from all over the book world, internet, and real world, including a glowing review in the NY Times Sunday Book Review from John Green. […]

Literary Role Models

Today is moving day. I’ve been diligently working since 7 am, and at the moment, my room looks like a disorganized ikea warehouse that had a shipment of sporting goods explode. As usual, I have no idea what day of the week it is (fish don’t care about days of the week), but my freshly […]