Literary Role Models

Today is moving day. I’ve been diligently working since 7 am, and at the moment, my room looks like a disorganized ikea warehouse that had a shipment of sporting goods explode. As usual, I have no idea what day of the week it is (fish don’t care about days of the week), but my freshly […]

My E-Reader Conversion

A few months ago I was selected as a Commercial Fishery Observer on this really intense project on the Aleutian Islands in Alaska (Aka BFE). The first thing I thought – after thinking, “Exactly how cold is it on the Bering Sea in January?”- was that I need to figure out an e-reader for myself. […]

The Classics Revisited – 2014 New Year’s Book Resolution

One of my favorite things about my best friends is that they motivate me. They push me to be smarter, stronger, and kinder than I previously thought possible. Every year Jess tackles a new year’s book resolution, and every year I think, “Wow, that’s really an accomplishment, I should do something like that.” This year […]