The Mighty Trio



Advanced Placement—Adverse Possession—Alex P. Lohman: AP is one of two baby lawyers, still coping with the aftermath of Bar Exam PTSD. The daughter of pilots, she is a free spirit who has now lived in Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL, Brooklyn, NY, and is now living in a cozy corner of Washington, D.C.!

AP’s love of books stems from a love of writing itself. As an aspiring writer, she reads to find inspiration and new talent for her own craft. That and she possess an overactive imagination finds that reading is the best way to exercise it. She reads a little bit of everything, but has a soft spot for fiction and YA books. When asked what her favorite books, she’ll probably fumble over a few titles—The Harry Potter Series (however unoriginal), Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Lovely Bones, or even something a little more suspenseful, like Angels and Demons or Prey. But as she finds herself rummaging her spastic brain for a favorite book (more like a book of the moment), she remembers this first story that ever taught her to dream and to write. So, at the end of the day, the book of all books: Peter Pan by JM Barrie.

She was blessed to meet Jess and Ali in College (and Ali in high school, but that’s a long story) and hasn’t been able to leave these two alone since she met them. Admittedly the slacker when it comes to updating the blog, AP is always good for a great, “Guys, I just did something really stupid,” story and for always providing the cookie dough and red wine at their friend reunions (when those happen once a year in whatever part of the country you can find us in).

In her spare time, you can find AP instagramming food to make herself feel better about the creations she makes in the kitchen. She is also an avid runner, writer, and constitutional law junkie. And if you’re wondering who that person is, shamelessly dancing on the 8 am bus on your morning commute– yes, that’s probably AP.



Jessica is the other baby lawyer, having recently graduated from law school in the Northeast and passed the bar exam. An extreme bookworm by nature and a military kid by upbringing, she’s lived in many different places across the U.S. and this has only fueled her love affair with her imaginary friends between the pages. Her love of books comes from growing up in public libraries, since her mom made sure the first thing that happened after a move to a new place was the procurement of a library card. Jessica’s law school classmates even voted her Most Likely to Cite Harry Potter in a Legal Brief.

Jessica is the old lady of the gang (by a whole two years, oh my!) but likes to think that Alex and Ali keep her from getting too old-lady crotchety for her own good. Kids these days!

In her spare time, you can almost always find Jessica with her nose in a book (obviously), probably with a glass of wine or a bottle of craft beer or a mug of tea sitting within easy grabbing distance. If she’s managed to tear herself away from the giant piles of books that have taken over her apartment,  you can probably find her having a dance party for one, flailing hysterically in the kitchen as she attempts to learn how to cook without setting things on fire or chopping off fingers, or bugging her boyfriend about some concert or Broadway show or museum she wants to trek to NYC to check out. Or shopping in a bookstore!





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