BoTM– The Legend Series: AP’s Thoughts


AP’s Thoughts on

The Legend Series by Marie Lu 

Author Marie Liu and the cover art for Legend, the first of the three installments.

Author Marie Lu and the cover art for Legend, the first of the three installments.

I just gotta get this out of my system right at the get go: the ending. So beautiful, so wonderful, so perfect. I really could not have asked for a more perfect way to end an epic trilogy.

Okay, phew, now I can get on with the review of the whole series.

I started these books approximately two years ago and finally finished the final installment. They are captivating and badass, but are also interwoven with subtle political messages and questions about humanity itself. The tales of Day and June, the hero and heroine of this story, provide for a great balance of insight and character throughout the book. Marie Lu choses to alternate between characters throughout the chapters of the book, which I think she does remarkably well. Each chapter shows strong character voice and development, which ultimately strikes the right balance of optimism and cynicism, leaving readers with an equal balance of hero and heroine. (While Allegiantby Veronica Roth attempted to do the same, I felt it was a tad forced and not nearly as natural as it was for Lu).

At the end of the United States as we know it exists the Republic and the Colonies– two factions of the former United States at war with one another. The geography of the world has entirely changed and at the center of this new world– Day and June, an adored master criminal and a sweetheart of the government. When their paths cross, worlds collide as the two let down their guard and stereotyped hatred for one another and fall for one another. In the course of their romance, they begin to question each other’s views of the world and their very own views as well. This process leads them down a road of rectifying a government to which they never thought they would believe in again.

If you’re wondering: it’s not just another Hunger Games (or another Divergent). In the midst of the level of YA noise out there, it’s a valid concern.  However, Legend holds its own. It’s characters are unique, the universe constructed completely different than that of others out there. The writing itself is accessible, but beautifully strung together. The world is so well described that, by the end of the series, I was left with a visually stunning image in my head of what this world must look like. And, as I have stated before, the ending. I really didn’t see it coming and loved the way Lu strung everything together without giving the reader too much or taking too much away. It was the right balance, as is the theme of this entire review. This book is the right balance of everything.

If you, too, are interested in YA novels, I highly recommend this book. Or if you’re interested in reading a cool take on the future of the world– geographically and politically– give this series a whirl. I promise you won’t regret it.


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