Blog Notes Poetry

 Blog Notes Poetry
Comfortable where you are
Coffee shops, airport bars, strange apartments, places you’ve never been
Places you grow up
Comfortable in the moment
Reading something worth your time
Smelling coffee
Quiet snow
Surrounded by friends and family
Wherever you go.

Reading is a unique experience. Readers invest mearly their time and concentration, and in return live countless lives, explore new worlds, see different time eras, and go on the most amazing adventures imaginable … literally.

I’ve been in a slump recently. I’m sitting in Seattle waiting for an assignment that will take me to Alaska. Having nothing to do has been a challenge because I’m normally such a productive person. I thought I’d get a lot of reading done, but my reading dragged on, and the books didn’t hold my interest. I didn’t read, I didn’t write, and I got sick so I couldn’t even workout. Finally I said to hell with what I was “supposed” to be reading, I’ll pick new books, and simply try to enjoy the moment.

After that epiphany, I read a few books that I’ve been meaning to read for months, most notably, The Breif and Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao By Junot Diaz and The Perks of Being A Wallflower By Stephen Chbosky (Reviews to come? Maybe). The point is I feel productive enjoying my novels again, and I’m even starting to get over this plague of a cold! I was stoked, halfway through The Perks of Being A Wallflower, and decided to write a post from the coffee shop I was hanging out in.

When I write posts away from my computer I usually just make bullet point notes and return to write the whole thing when I get home. A funny thing happened today, when I read through my notes, I found that they were complete. A finished poem.

Good writing begets more writing. Questionable whether it’s good or not, but its what I feel. And I guess that’s what’s important.


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