Field Trip: The Elliott Bay Book Company

Today I was wandering around Seattle with a friend/coworker. I mentioned that I really like reading (Because saying that you’re an obsessive bookworm with a dedicated blog just doesn’t register at the preferred level of the sanity scale.), and he said “Oh, I’ve got a place you should see then.” So we turn the corner, wander into this little entryway, and as I walk through the doors of the establishment I immediately realize I have found treasure! Buried treasure amongst downtown Seattle!

I wanted to move in every direction, all at once. There were books everywhere!! This was a milti-level, wooden shelved, honest-to-god, independent, family-owned bookstore! Complete with an excellent cafe (coffee’s great too, but that’s no surprise in Seattle) so you NEVER have to leave.


The best part about this place, besides the amazing selection of pretty much every book published and the wonderful atmosphere of coffee shop meets bookworm heaven, (ok only 150,000 titles in house) was the staff recommendations which they call booknotes! I noticed small slips of paper laying under many titles on the shelves, upon closer inspection I found that it was a handwritten staff pick! Of the highlighted titles I had read, their staff have great taste, and certainly know their way around books!

See all the little booknote tags?! So awesome!

The shop has been open for over 40 years (& I’m not surprised). They have awesome staff, titles, atmosphere, coffee and lets not forget the cool logo. (I totally bought a tshirt, cause I’m a nerd.) To top it off, it turns out they have a lot of book signings and events in the store as well!  You can check out upcoming stuff on their event page. They remind me a lot fo the Strand in NYC. So yeah, great little surprise adventure of the day. Always stoked to find new book places. If you’re ever in Seattle, try to make a stop at this awesome shop, I recommend the vanilla latte.

Alright, I’ve got some new books burning holes in my book-bag if you know what I mean (wink)! Until next time, happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Field Trip: The Elliott Bay Book Company

  1. Oh wow I seriously love the interior wood designs and architect. I wished there was a store like that in my area. We just have the super generic commercialized Barnes and Noble here. Though I haven’t been to all the book stores in my area (mostly the smaller ones – mom and pops), I would physically go out more to purchase my books rather than just order them online.

    P.S. I found over at Goodreads. 🙂

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