Imagination Procrastination.

I am in the middle of law school finals. It is two weeks of a suspended time vortex where the days never end, but there never is enough time. Where the individual student can accomplish so much in one sitting and feel like the to-do list of actually passing classes will never, ever, end. And I mean never.

Today, I finished the second final paper due, along with a clinical journal entry. All that’s left- teaching myself the entirety of Business Associations. A word of caution: never stick an all too creative person in the structured world of transactions and hostile takeovers; it’s like Alice in the creepy, creepy parts of Wonderland- no bueno.

After formatting the last footnote of the paper, I clicked save and thought, get me away from this horrible laptop. In pushing it away, I reached over to the other end of the couch and found the book I am/was currently reading: Allegiant by Veronica Roth. (Yes, I know I am ten years behind everyone on this, but I just finished, and wow- just wow).

In thumbing through the pages, getting lost in the Divergent world of an experimentally controlled Chicago (which is so weird given that I live in the heart of Chicago at the moment), I realized that it is amazing to get lost in another unrealistic world. When my world is driven by rules and logical consistency, it feel so nice to suspend myself into another dimension, where my city is a scientific wave of the new civil rights movement and the heroine happens to have more tattoos than I do. And it’s funny because I am not reading per se- I am reading, living, breathing; forgetting exactly who I am and where I am. I am someone else, with life threatening perils at every turn and difficult decisions regarding love to make.

Some of us stare at buzzfeed or reach for the DVR and remote when we need to escape, or in this case, procrastinate. We reach for something that isn’t us, isn’t our situation, isn’t now. For me, it’s reaching to something that isn’t your 6th Amendment right to an impartial jury. It’s a girl, braver than any punch in the face, any gun shot fired, and free-falling plunge from the tops of Hancock Tower. She makes me forget, believe, and live a little.

It may seem silly, but it’s necessary at times, especially in the vortex of soul crushing legal labor.

Step away from the excel sheet, the list of chores, the book of the rules of evidence. For just a moment, walk with me. Let’s browse the shelves of new and worn bindings, big typeface and the tiniest of prints. Let’s smell the ages of used bookstores and the commercialism of a recent Barns and Noble purchase. Let’s do this, just you and me, and where this book takes us—that’s three.

Next stop: imagination procrastination.


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