Bookish Gifts for Bookish People: Part III (AP’s Guide)

Obviously, Jess and Ali are so much better about blogging on time than I am. In my defense, I am the middle of law school final exams. As you can tell, dear reader, I am vigorously studying– studying potential Christmas gifts and recommendations for you all! (As a third-year in the law school, my mantra has become: “I just need passing grades, right?”).

Keeping up with the Joneses here, some other bookish gifts for bookish people. Sadly some of my recommendations are books (not the point of this list, I know). But they aren’t recommendations, as they are more fun collectors editions.

On that note: for the Harry Potter fan in your life (DOBBY IS A FREE ELF) I give you a holiday must! The anniversary edition of the Harry Potter series is stunning. Ali will tell you, “ITS NOT AUTHENTIC AND ITS NOT HARRY,” but for those of us who tend not to judge the authenticity of a book by its cover (and are die hard fans) this is fantastic.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Also,  for the book lovers, the Barnes & Noble classics collection is incredible. I personally love Alice and Wonderland. It’s hot pink and the art is in true Lewis Carroll form. Even for the little readers just starting off (and by little, I mean elementary school to middle school), I think these are great. They have redone so many books, fiction and non-fiction alike. I know half the battle is getting kids to start the book. When it’s that colorful and imaginative, I have a feeling they may be more willing to crack it open.

Another thing that may be great for the book lover– book journals. For the resident creative writer here, I jumped when I saw this. I have this terrible problem of consuming books at an insane pace. Imagine letting  the 2-year-old have full, unfettered access to the birthday cake. That’s what I look like when I am reading a book I am really into. Then I think back on the book a year later and I can’t remember some of the key details, which sucks for books that are series. Book journals are great ways to document your reads, your favorite parts, the key plot points, and as Jessica will say after reading a great book, a great way to document “all the feels.”My research

Glass blown pens! tells me Moleskine makes a great one (I ❤ everything Moleskine).

To go with it, for the writer/reader in your life, an old school pen. I think I get one every year from my Dad. I look forward to it every year. Do I actually use them that often? Not really. But I have a beautiful collection on my desk that inspires me when I am searching for a moment to just sit and write.

Now this next recommendation may seem kind of “bleh,” but I really think it is great for the avid reader. Hilarious, lit-tastic, tote bags are always a favorite of mine. I use them traveling to the park to read, carrying my insanely large law books, etc. The other day I saw a girl with a bag that said, “I like big books and I cannot lie” and I pretty much died. Nerd-tastic and eco-chic; what’s not to like? I recommend the Strand Online Bookstore, Etsy, and Out of Print for some great places to look.

My last recommendation is actually something on my list this year. When I am particularly stressed, or just want a Friday evening to myself, I like to do one thing: read in the bathtub. My only problem is that I always get the book wet. Try as I might, I forget I’m in the tub and get my hands wet and then the book has water marks all over it (I bet Jessica is cringing reading this right now). So, I am asking for a bath caddy, so I can prop my book up while I read. Hey, if you want to make this a cute little something for a friend or a new girlfriend who loves to read, throw in some bubbles or bath salts and a loofa or something. I recommend the bath bombs from LUSH cosmetics and you can find the bath caddy at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

I was tempted to write about the big things– the e-readers, the tablets, the fires and the whirlwinds– but then I thought about what book people really love. Books, obviously, but the things that either keep us reading or help us to remember the books we love. The goal of my list was to foster this feeling, the true love of a bookish person, in order to recommend the right gifts for the book lover in your life.


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