Bookish Gifts for Bookish People: A Gift Guide, Part 2 (Ali’s Guide)

Ok can I be the first to say JMart stole my idea for Out Of Print Clothing? But I guess that’s ok. I’m leaving on Christmas Day for training and then shortly after for the Bering Sea and I don’t need any more things to carry with me. (And if you’re wondering, I traded in my other christmas gifts for a sleeping bag and an REI duffle. Nothing says christmas like Camp Dry!) Instead of traditional book-ish gifts, my picks will be for the literate traveler on your list!

Most importantly on my wish list is a solid kindle cover. I would suggest the ones that the kindle actually slips inside of or has a set pocket to protect the sides of your device from being worn in actual travel. Those ones that snap into the elastic straps seem a little flimsy for airplanes, backpacks and boats.

This one from Klever Case is awesome cause it looks like a traditional book and it comes in several different novel covers to choose from … yes AP it even has an Alice In Wonderland option.

E-reader “Book” Covers

Don’t let your traveling bookworm leave home without a set of stationary notes to keep in touch! Confession, all of us at Between the Lines Book Club may have an obsession with cards and letters. But that doesn’t change that fact that these Library Greeting Cards are awesome!

These cards at Paper Source are pretty cute too. I am pretty fixated on nautical themed things, whenever I see them I feel like I must buy them … you should see my room.

Last, but certainly not least, another great option for travelers is a passport cover. This one is more like a passport wallet, it carries all the airliner tickets, receipts and even has a few spots for credit or business cards. I know I won’t need a passport to go to Alaska, but while in Seattle I may take a day trip over to Vancouver and this isn’t purely my wish list anyways, it’s for any literate traveler. These passport covers are travel themed without being obnoxious. I love the London subway map (sorry JMart I couldn’t find a NYC subway map version). And you can’t go wrong with a passport case covered in the world map!

And there’s my picks for your literate traveler! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays fellow bookworms!

PS. As I was browsing for my wish list I came across these buttons. And I think I speak for all three writers of this blog when I say, I want it. Stocking stuffer anyone?


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